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ABBA First Mortgage, Inc. - Greensboro, NC

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"Given that this is our fourth closing since 1991, we consider ourselves "veterans" of the process. ABBA First Mortgage was by far the easiest, most professional, and trust inspiring mortgage company we have worked with in the past 17 years. I am so glad we were able to connect with you. You will always be the first mortgage broker that we will recommend to friends and family."
-Guy and Leslie S .
Canton, NC

Thank you for your interest in ABBA First Mortgage, Inc. where you are guaranteed low rates for your excellent credit! Please take a look around our site and contact us to discuss how we can save you money on your next mortgage.

At ABBA First Mortgage, Inc. we understand the Greensboro and greater Guilford County market and are uniquely positioned to secure the best loan for your needs. Whether you are looking to purchase or refinance we offer loans for primary residences, second homes and investment properties. 100% financing, home equity lines of credit, debt consolidation, loans for first time homebuyers and other financing options are also available.

Greensboro is the 3rd largest city in North Carolina, and, as of 2006 had an estimated growing population of 1,513,576, making it the 30th largest metropolitan area in the United States.* With a steady influx of new comers to the area and a constantly changing market, rest assured that ABBA First Mortgage, Inc. will consistently offer residents of Greensboro and greater Guilford County the lowest rates and closing costs.  Having a mortgage broker that works to provide its clients the best the industry has to offer and service that can’t be beat,  is a vital asset in such an exciting market. We thank you for considering us and we look forward to showing you how ABBA First Mortgage, Inc. can save you money on your next mortgage.

* US Bureau of the Census, Released April 2007

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Maureen and Rich,
We closed this morning. I wanted to send a personal note of thanks for your diligence during the process despite the personal challenges.
Like always it was a pleasant experience.

Sameer Arora
Concord, NC